Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lost my Job

I was laid off from my job This past week. I was worried that i wouldnt be able to go on the trip. I know if i find a job most employers will say ok you can go but you cant get paid for it. That is exactly my problem. I was counting on income coming in while i was gone so i can pay my bills. We already have most of the actual trip paid for so i was thinking that julie and the kids would just go. However julie and i both really want me to be able to go. So here is what we are doing. We are going to be blogging and video blogging the whole time about how to take a trip on a budget and make it fun. I know you have lots of good ways to spend your money. I am asking that you please help support the income that i wont be getting while we are on this trip. In exchange we will bring you tips on how to go on a trip and do it cheaply. Please if you think this is worth it click the support button to the right. If you have a paypal account great but great even if you dont. you can donate with your bank or credit card. Our family thanks you.

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